New to Barn Hunt?  

Start with Rat Familiarization to see how your dog reacts to a rat and move up to Instinct from there.  Keep moving up in level as your dog shows interest.


The 3 tubes mentioned above are hidden on a course of straw bales.  Your dog must find and indicate the live rat as well as climb a bale with all 4 feet and go through a designated tunnel made of bales.

Ratter Levels

Rat Familiarization:

Your dog greets a rat in a cage up close and gets praised for showing interest.

Barn Hunt

The Joyful Canine

Mile High Barn Hunt Club


Same requirements, but 4 rats, 3 dirty bedding tubes, and one empty 


3 tubes are placed on the ground or in a cradle.  One has a live rat, one has dirty bedding, and one is empty.  Your dog must indicate which tube has the live rat.


Same requirements as Novice, except there are 2 rats, 2 tubes of dirty bedding and one empty.


Unknown number of rats (1-5 rats possible). Handler must clear course after they believe all rats have been found

Event Costs Per Dog            Preregistration*         Day of

   Rat Familiarization:                     $ 4                  $ 5

   All Other Runs:                               8                   10

​   Punch Card: 6 Runs  $50.  They never expire!

*Email Caitlin to preregister