Unknown number of rats (1-5 rats possible). Handler must clear course after they believe all rats have been found


3 tubes are placed on the ground or in a cradle.  One has a live rat, one has dirty bedding, and one is empty.  Your dog must indicate which tube has the live rat.

Barn Hunt

New to Barn Hunt?  

Start with Rat Familiarization to see how your dog reacts to a rat and move up to Instinct from there.  Keep moving up in level as your dog shows interest.

Event Costs Per Dog            Preregistration*         Day of

   Rat Familiarization:                     $ 4                  $ 5

   All Other Runs:                               8                   10

​   Punch Card: 6 Runs  $50.  They never expire!

*Email Caitlin to preregister


The 3 tubes mentioned above are hidden on a course of straw bales.  Your dog must find and indicate the live rat as well as climb a bale with all 4 feet and go through a designated tunnel made of bales.

The Joyful Canine

Mile High Barn Hunt Club

Rat Familiarization:

Your dog greets a rat in a cage up close and gets praised for showing interest.


Same requirements as Novice, except there are 2 rats, 2 tubes of dirty bedding and one empty.


Same requirements, but 4 rats, 3 dirty bedding tubes, and one empty 

Ratter Levels